What’s it all about?

Ooh, a new blog, all pristine and filled with potential. I feel immense pressure in this first post to be witty and insightful, drawing people who’ve stumbled across it in and gathering loyal followers. Unfortunately, what I am is permanently tired, I’ve noticed a dramatic decrease in my sense of humour and ability to think. Please, parents of older children, reassure me that once they get past the toddler/pre school stage I’ll regain at least some of my faculties?

Anyway, I’ll get to the point. I’m starting this blog after being challenged to do so by my good friend Julie, who suggested I post some of the activities I do with my kids. I used to have a personal blog in the past, but never had a focus, and haven’t updated it in 3 years. The only trouble is, I get most of my ideas for sensory activities or crafts, from amazing blogs that are already out there, do I have anything to add? That’s when I thought, I could pick a more specific niche. Well, what I know best is books, having worked in libraries for the last 11 years, until stopping after the birth of my second child to be a stay at home Mum (not that I do stay at home, I’d go stir crazy, I’m a “how many groups can we get to this week” kind of Mum), I am used to planning and running events based on stories and books, I often use books as the basis for activities at home. Therefore, I plan (though don’t promise to stick to it) to mainly write about activites that could go with certain books. I don’t want to make anyone spend more money than necessary, and want to encourage library use, so my book links will take you to a page which lets you check your local library for a copy.Jan2015 256

I do however, have a habit of rambling, so expect that I will go off on many tangents if I see a cool craft or messy play idea. I also like crafting myself, so plan to share a few homemade gift ideas for kids, as I like to a) save money b) avoid buying more cheap plastic stuff to fill our houses c) give things that are a bit more personal.

I should introduce myself, it might have made sense to do that first, but hey. My name is Ali, I am married with 2 children. I cannot decide about the wisdom of sharing my kids’ names online, I don’t really have an issue with it, and have done in the past, but I think to be on the safe side, I’ll use their nicknames, so they are Jumbles (boy), aged 3, and Bean (girl) aged 1. We live in Leicester, England.

I am a Christian, who has spent many years planning and running a club for 4 to 10 year olds, so hope to sometimes include Christian activities or books.

And that’s about all I can think of for now. I will leave you with the simplest of book related activities, “Goldilocks and the 3 bears” by Nick Sharratt we love this lift the flap version. Simple activity of porridge oats, bowls and scoops. We happened to get a cardboard house for Christmas, which we set up as the 3 bears’ cottage, but it works just as well without the house. We began following the story, then it morphed into Goldilocks and the 3 Octonauts. Mainly Jumbles enjoyed scooping oats and throwing them everywhere, oddly Bean didn’t join in with the oats, she wanted to play with the door instead, but that is the way of play, lay out the invitations, they may not do it.



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