World Book Day special coming soon!

In honour of World Book Day, I wanted to do a special post, the problem is, all of my posts are relevant to World Book Day, so I wasn’t really sure how to make it special. So I decided that the best way would be by doing activities for some of the £1 books, as hopefully most people managed to get their vouchers from school and went and got nice cheap books. The picture books in the selection are Elmer’s Parade, and The Dinosaur who pooped a lot. However, I didn’t get any vouchers, so I don’t have the books to read 😦 I was just going to do generic Elmer and Dinosaur activities, but then I discovered that Amazon are selling them for £1 even without the vouchers. So I have ordered mine, though Elmer is out of stock, so I’ll be waiting a bit. And when I’ve got them I’ll post some activities. So watch this space, my apologies for being unable to do it on the day, but it really feels like cheating to not use the correct books.

Links to buy £1 books
Elmer’s Parade
The Dinosaur that Pooped a lot
A Pirate’s Guide to Landlubbing
World Menace Day
Best Mates
Magic Animal Friends
Dork Diaries
Geek drama
Goth girl and the Pirate queen
Killing the Dead


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