“I want that room” by Jen Green & Mike Gordon

iwantthatroom Please excuse the length between posts. However, the book I’ve chosen for this entry required a great deal of commitment and time, and I am still finishing up all of the activities related to it, if you want to join in with this activity, please note that it is fairly intensive and quite stressful…

1: Declutter and tidy your house as much as possible. As in the book, encourage your children to separate their toys into ones to keep and ones to give away.

2. Put your house on the market. Allow troops of strangers to come to your house and peek into every nook and cranny.

3. Look at houses you want to buy. This is the fun bit, spend hours on Rightmove. Ideally, only take your children to visit serious contenders.

4. Find a buyer for your house (we failed on this step)

4b. If you fail at step 4, you can consider doing what we did and rent out your old house. This adds a lot of extra stress, but in theory will eventually lead to some income.

5. Put in an offer on the house you want. Wait while solicitors, banks and surveyers do their thing.

6. Pack some of your belongings into boxes.

7. Hear nothing for ages.

8. Finally find out 3 days before the moving date that it is going ahead on that date.

9. Maniacally pack the rest of your belongings.june 2015 040

10. Hire a van (if you’re more sensible than us and have more money, you might hire removal men).

11. Move all of your belongings from one house to the other, this may take a few trips. tip – if decorating, try to put everything in a couple of rooms out of the way, then decorate the other rooms before moving furniture and belongings into them.

12. Decorate the new house to fit with your style better.

13. Unpack

14. Discover that various things do not work in the way that they should. Pay out more money to fix things.

We are still in the middle of steps 12 and 13, we still have a bit of decorating and unpacking to do, and can’t work out where on earth some of our things have gone.

So, anyway, as you’ve gathered, this isn’t really a proper entry, more of an explanation as to why the blog has gone quiet. We’ve been doing some activities, but none of my own creation for a while. I’ll try to come up with something within a month.