Oi Frog continued

Having played with our oi frog cards this week, I’ve refined and come up with games that work best for toddler-preschool age:

Rhyming bingo:

Split cards into 2 piles (one – things that will sit on, second pile, the things to be sat on)

Divide the animal pile (things that will be sitting on) between the players. Around 4 each works well.

Spread the second pile face down on the table. Laying them in a grid can help memory.

Take it in turns to turn over a middle card, if it rhymes with one of your cards, then keep it, if not, put it back. Other players remember where the cards they need are, so they can pick on their turn.

Look and find:

Again, split the cards into 2 decks (ones to sit and ones to be sat on) spread one deck out face up on the table, take it in turns to turn over the top card of the other deck. Look for something that rhymes with that card, as soon as you spot it, grab the rhyming card from the face up grid and shout the pair (e.g. you turn over Yoda, scan the table looking for something that rhymes, spot Skoda and put your hand on it, or grab it, shouting “Yoda sits on a Skoda”) you can play as a competition, winning hands, or work together, seeing how quickly you can get them all.


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