Whale gets stuck


My apologies for the extended absence. I have been struggling with motivating myself to blog, particularly since my laptop broke, and trying to blog on a touchscreen is so tedious. We have a PC, but I don’t want to sit in the office. Anyway, this is an activity we did a few weeks back, it’s very simple, but requires set up the day before. This is a great activity for a warm day and can be done with or without being linked to a book.

The book we used isn’t anything amazing, so don’t go trying to find it just for this activity, it’s about a whale who gets stuck on top of a sheet of ice. His friends try various things to free him, until eventually the warmth of the sun and their bodies melts and breaks the ice. So it lent itself perfectly to an ice melting activity.

Prep in advance:
-Grab a large container (I used a silicon cake tin) and fill it with water and sea animals (or other toys, e.g use dinosaurs and do some dinosaur excavation)
– Freeze the lot
– Wait for a warm enough day (I prepped this approx 6 months in advance and kept forgetting and then being annoyed at the freezer space it was taking up).

Set up on the day:

Tray with your ice block of frozen animals
Blunt knives
Pot of salt
Jug of warm water

Basically, just let the kids play around, hammering etc. trying to release the animals from ice. Mine loved watching the ice crack and melt when I poured hot water on (have them stand back for safety reasons). Using the salt wasn’t fast enough for my kids, but you could set this up as a proper science experiment, with one lot of ice with salt on and one without so they can see the difference.

This was a crazily simple activity for now, to try to get me back in the swing of blogging, I’ll do something more creative soon.

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