Squash the spider (or any other spider books)

tmp_30924-51zSq9VRCBL._AC_UL160_SR160_160_-1196575581This is a fun book in which a spider jumps out to scare people and everyone yells “Squash the spider” till someone actually goes to squash it and the boy rushes to save him.

This is Jumbles’ favourite spider book, so when I said we were doing a spider web activity, he asked to do this book. Really, a much more relevant book for spider webs would be either: tmp_30924-the_very_busy_spider-1692918224

“The very busy Spider” by Eric Carle, where a spider busily spins her web.


tmp_30924-5196BV5PG9L._SX258_BO1_204_203_200_-1496882885“Incy wincy Spider” by Keith Chapman and Jack Tickle – a beautiful book which creates an adventure for Incy wincy spider, the whole book is written to the Incy Wincy tune, with the spider being flicked around the farmyard. Each page has a raised, glittery spider’s web trail to trace, and the final page has a big silver web. Though Jumbles (4) is probably getting a bit old for this one, he still enjoyed tracing the trails today.

The activity:

You are basically going to make a large spider’s web, you need masking tape and some sort of frame to attach to. We used our mini trampoline, you could also use chair legs, a clothes airer, anything really.

FB_IMG_1463082252330Start by pulling out a large length of masking tape, attach one end to you frame, then twist it to make it into a long strip with the sticky side on the outside, attach it to another point on the frame, then continue, rolling the tape and making new lines across the frame, once you have a base network, start criss weaving your thread under and over. This gets very tricky as it will stick to the bits you’ve already made, but if careful, you should be able to pull it apart. Jumbles was able to help initially, even with the weaving, but once it got quite dense, he couldn’t do it anymore. My web wasn’t exactly beautiful, but it was good enough for us. If you want it neater, prep it overnight while the kids are in bed, but I liked including them in the setup, and the weaving is good motor skills practice for them.FB_IMG_1463082258872

Once you are happy with your web, give your child some “flies” to throw at it. We used coloured pom poms and scrunched tissue paper, as I thought the finished effect of colour would look nicer than black blobs, but you can choose whatever you like, it just needs to be something light enough to stick. Jumbles loved doing this, but Bean (2.5) was less bothered. She stuck a few on, then wandered off, so maybe this is an activity for over 3s. FB_IMG_1463082275737

We just enjoyed playing around, throwing the flies, but if your kids are competitive, you could probably make a fun game, give each child a different colour of flies and see who can stick the most to the web, or try throwing from further away etc as you can see from our photo, we threw from very close.FB_IMG_1463082264496

Affiliate links to buy Spider books:

Buy Squash The Spider from Amazon (affiliate link)

Incy Wincy Spider

The Very Busy Spider


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