Monkey Puzzle (DIY scratch cards)


This activity is so much fun and has so much scope for doing different things. Basically you’re making homemade scratch cards, so you can cover up whatever you want to.

Monkey puzzle is a fun rhyming book about a butterfly helping a monkey looking for his Mum. She keeps taking him to the wrong animal based on his descriptions (e.g. when he says her tail coils round trees, she leads him to a snake). The end has him happily reunited with his Mum.

You need:

This sheet of characters from the book
Shire seal (aka contact paper/sticky backed plastic)
Liquid soap
Acrylic or poster paint


Mix a small amount of liquid soap (washing up liquid or hand wash works) with about twice as much acrylic paint (according to US websites, tempera works too, but I tried with homemade tempera – egg yolk and food colouring- and it didn’t work, I think commercial Tempera might be the same as what we call poster paint).
Paint your mixture onto shire seal (aka contact paper aka sticky back plastic)
Allow to dry
Add more layers until it is totally opaque
Cut into small squares, each one just large enough to cover one of the characters.
Peel off the backing of each piece and stick one over each piece, paint side up.

Alternative method:

You could also stick the shire seal to the sheet first, then paint squares directly over the pictures.

Give your child(ren) a coin and ask them to scratch the paint off one square at a time to see if they can find the monkey’s Mum. The set up is a lot more time consuming than the activity, but it was so much fun scratching off to see what they’d uncovered.dscn5003.jpg

The only point I’d make is that there’s a lot of set up, it took 3 or 4 layers to make it thick enough, and you have to be gentle or you can accidentally scrape the layers off when taking backing off.. So, set it up somewhere it can easily be added to through the day.

fb_img_1466886871250.jpgI’m not usually a fan of worksheets, but decided to try out some much more fun ones than normal for numeracy or literacy, with the answers covered up: I did a reading one, where the picture of the word is covered, alphabet, where initial letters are covered and counting one with the numbers covered, scratch to reveal if you’ve worked it out right or not.


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monkey puzzle character sheet