Just one more – Making ice cream in a box

61IEePofvoL._SX258_BO1,204,203,200_In this book, Ruby always wants “just one more.” Eventually she learns that you can have too much of a good thing.

The important feature in selecting this book, was not the life lesson, but the ice cream! If you can’t get hold of this book, any book featuring ice cream will do.

This is a great science activity for kids of any age, though the younger the children, the more of the shaking you’ll have to do for them (though, you might also get to eat more of the ice cream yourself).

You will need:

A large watertight lidded container (or you can use a large ziploc bag)
2 small, good quality freezer bags
8 tbs salt
Milkshake powder (or flavouring and sugar)


Making ice cream:

Make up 1/2 cup (150ml) of flavoured milk. Or add sugar and flavouring to milk.

Pour mixture into a small freezer bag, seal well, removing air. Put it inside a second sealed bag, in case of leaks.


Smash up your ice cubes! This step is not strictly necessary, the experiment works with large ice cubes, but smashing them creates more surface area for quicker salt action, and more importantly it’s fun. Jumbles had been completely disinterested in this project until that point, then suddenly he wanted to join in. Wrap the ice in a tea towel so that ice shards don’t go flying everywhere, then bash with a rolling pin.

Tip the ice into your large container or bag until it’s half full. It turns out I didn’t need anywhere near as much ice as I’ve been prepping over the last 2 weeks.


Add a lot of salt to the ice (8tbs or more)
Place the bag inside the container of ice, close the lid.


Wrap container in a teatowel (it’ll get very cold) and shake. It was a bit heavy for Bean, so I got her to roll it around on the floor. This step takes around 10 mins, Bean got bored after approximately 1 and Jumbles had left once the bashing ended, so this was left entirely to me.

Remove the bag from the container, our outer bag had opened, so I was glad I double bagged. Rinse off the salt before opening.

Open and dish up

Depending on the age of your children you can decide how to explain the science.

For Jumbles (nearly 6) and Bean (4) I just said: “The ice helps to make the milk mixture really cold, the salt speeds it up a bit”
An explanation for adults/older children can be found here


Buy “Just one more” from Wordery (affiliate link)

“Just 1 more” read on Youtube (not a great reading unfortunately)


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