I believe children learn best through play. The aim of this blog is a place for me to log what I’ve been doing with my kids and hopefully inspire others. I love books and using them with my kids, so the main focus will be book related, but I’ll no doubt be distracted and cover whatever else I feel like at the time.

I am married with 2 kids, Jumbles (boy, 3) and Bean (girl, 1) ( I hope it doesn’t need stating that these are not their actual names!).

june-sept 2014 894I am currently a stay at home Mum, but spent the last few years as an outreach worker for libraries, a big part of my role involved encouraging children to read for pleasure, through activities and events. Before I worked in libraries I was a primary school teacher. Also, alongside my paid work, I have always volunteered at children’s groups in my church, planning and running activities there.

When linking to books I was originally linking to Better World Books, for every book you buy from them, they will donate one to someone in need, it’s also free worldwide delivery. However, I kept finding that they didn’t have the books I was featuring, so I have now started linking to Wordery where possible, as they also have free worldwide delivery. Where Wordery doesn’t have the book in stock I have linked to Amazon.


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