“Each Peach Pear Plum” By Janet and Allan Ahlberg

imageA well loved classic, this simple rhyming book focuses on spotting fairy tale characters on each page. So we did a simple character hunt. I made cards for each character, then hid them around the house for the kids to find. peachJumbles loves doing treasure hunts and Bean was excited to find cards, Jumbles even passed her some (that’s what’s happening in the picture). If doing this for a larger group or older children, you could put letters or words on the cards to spell out a word or sentence and ask the kids to write down the letters/words they find instead of removing the cards when they find them, this way slower children still get to join in and not have all of the cards found. This is how we used to do treasure hunts when I used to work in libraries.

imageHere are the cards I made for the treasure hunt, simply print off, cut out and hide around. Sorry that I haven’t made better use of the page, I was rushing as always, as I suddenly came up with this activity while Bean was napping, so had to get it done in the few minutes that they were both quiet.

I then printed out several extra copies of 4 of the cards (as I thought all 10 was a bit many) and taught Jumbles to play snap, he enjoyed it, though he didn’t understand why he had to turn the top card over instead of looking through to find a pair. We also played matching pairs with the cards. Now I’ve got the cards I’m planning to use them for other games, like “Go Fish/Happy Families”. Admittedly buying a pack of cards is pretty cheap and less hassle, but we did this while we were still quarantined after the sick bug and I couldn’t find any full packs of cards in the house (mainly because Jumbles loved flicking through cards when a bit younger, sorting them etc, so a lot got damaged), plus I like them being related to stories.

I’m hoping to get the kids to decorate the backs of the cards with stamps or something, to extend the activity even further and to give them ownership of the cards.

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