“This is the Bear” by Sarah Hayes & Helen Craig

image“This is the bear” is a popular book often used in schools. It has a good rhyming text and an easy to follow story, with a clear structure, making it great for story sequencing activities, which was going to be my second activity, but the first one took so long that I’m putting that on hold and will do it with another book. There are also other books in the series. I wanted to focus on gross motor skills, and trying to get some energy burned off as Jumbles has been going a bit loopy this week and I think he hasn’t been getting enough exercise, so I’m going to work on more active things:

As usual, read the story first, if you don’t have a copy, you can listen to it online: “This is the bear” read aloud (youtube).

Down in the dump(s):dump 002
Fill a large space or box with clean rubbish, a travel cot would work brilliantly as it has mesh sides, but ours is in the loft and I forgot to get it out (or send Mr Monkey Juggling up there) so I used our dump 003sofas, a small table on its side, boxes and cushions, to create a space, I then stuffed some rolled up blankets under the sofa to stop things getting pushed under there. You can just empty your recycling (excluding glass of course)dump 005 into the space, which will make clear up much easier at the end, but I wanted to put some interesting things in there, not just paper and boxes, I used carpet samples, old phones, a footmuff, bubble wrap etc. Find some toys to hide in there, before hiding them, take photos, or draw pictures of the toys, if you’re feeling creative, create “missing” posters, perhaps involve older kids in this step. Once posters are made, hide the toys in the dump without the kids seeing. Even if you don’t want to do posters, at the very least write down what toys you hid, you don’t want to accidentally throw any away when you clear up. Place children in the “dump” and have them search through the rubbish for all of the lost toys.

dump 007Both kids enjoyed rummaging, oddly, Jumbles (3) also enjoyed helping me sort the rubbish afterwards, so tidying up took a lot less time than I thought it would.

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